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A fan of the German smoked sausage, Uncle John was keen to find a tasty product that he could bring to the UK market, confident enough in its quality to put his name and seal of approval to.

In Germany, the home of the Frankfurter, Uncle John researched authentic production methods and traditional flavouring techniques until he found the perfect sausage; made from prime cuts of pork, perfectly balanced with herbs and spices and authentically beechwood smoked. 

Partnering with AAK Foodservice, with their high quality foodservice sauces and solutions, Uncle John was able to develop a complete hot dog experience offering fantastic menu ideas and innovative ways to top your dog.

The result? A range of products perfect for both on-the-go grub and gastropubs.

AAK Foodservice (A Trading Division of AAK International)

UK establishment number at Companies House BR020440. VAT Number GB 475 4800 31

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